Most Christians know the charm and beauty of France, but very few understand the deep spiritual need of what is one of the least evangelized nations on earth. While France is indeed beautiful and inviting, on a spiritual level it is dark and uninviting.

France is a post-Christian, post-modern society with only six evangelical Christians for every 1,000 inhabitants. Islam has become the second largest religion after Catholicism, yet only a small minority of the 4.5 million Muslims have ever heard the gospel. Official secularism masks a great spiritual hunger as many people turn to mediums and occult practices in their search for hope and meaning in their lives. Witches, spiritualists, and all kinds of cults connect easily with the French population.

Yes, there are all kind of opposition. Yet, we sense a great opportunity. The Holy Spirit is working in many lives, and all we simply do is to partner with what He is already doing in this influential nation.

We are uniquely qualified and called to reach this community.  We know France. My wife Emily is French, she grew up here, study and worked here, and know the language. Our girls were all born here. 

Our past experience as an expat family living in other countries, as well as Cris being a non French has been vital in helping us understand and building relationship with immigrants.

As missionaries we have been trained to reach those who would never want to enter a church.

We are used to cultural diversity and we speak different languages.

Disciple making it is something that we have been practicing for years.

We have the support of other local leaders.

Our heart is to reach this nation… together.

Emilie and I have already given to this launch. We have launched an entrepreneur business to supplement the ministry’s income. Balancing time and energy is a sacrifice, but we’re completely sold out to this vision.

Our goal is not just a one-time event or a blip on the screen. We’ve diligently prepared for the long-haul. We’re here to make disciples of Jesus in France.  Emilie and I can make an impact, with boots on the ground … with your help.

Help us get to France and minister in the heart of one of the most influential communities in the world.

 Help us bring the people of France…to Jesus.